Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "the Privacy Policy") shall apply to all information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data") by which the User may be directly or indirectly identified as an individual and that the Company handles. The term "Personal Information" (certain type of information of Personal Data) shall be as defined in the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan.

Acquisition of Personal Data

The Company shall collect Personal Data from Users when:

  1. the User inputs such information via a smartphone or other terminal.
  2. the User provides the Company with such information directly or via written media.
  3. such information is automatically provided to the Company in relation to the User's use of the service of the Company, product purchases or browsing of advertisements or content on the Company's website and so on (hereafter collectively referred to as Services for Users).
  4. such information is acquired lawfully from a third party with the User's consent.

Purpose of Personal Data usage

The Company may use Personal Data for the following purposes:

  1. provision of Services for Users as deemed appropriate
  2. response to User inquiries
  3. delivery of goods, payment requests, issuance of points and similar
  4. notification regarding Services for Users
  5. safe provision of Services for Users, including identification of Users violating the Terms of Service and related notification, investigation, identification, prevention and handling of issues such as fraud and unauthorized access relating to Services for Users
  6. improvement of Services for Users and consideration of new services to be provided by the Company
  7. research and analysis of usage regarding Services for Users
  8. any other business or purposes incidental to the above

The Company shall use Personal Data received from any third party in accordance with any regulations stipulated by the relevant party, if any.

Consent for provision of Personal Information

The Company shall not disclose or provide the User's Personal Data to any third party without consent other than where necessary for:

  1. disclosure based on laws and regulations
  2. protection of human life, body or property, and where obtaining consent from the relevant individual would be impractical
  3. improvement of public wellbeing or child development where obtaining consent from the relevant individual would be impractical
  4. cooperation with central or local government bodies or any parties entrusted by such to carry out affairs prescribed by laws and regulations where obtaining consent from the relevant individual would prevent such execution

The Company may provide anonymous processing information to any third party, other than data allowing direct identification of specific individuals (such as User names and addresses), as necessary for:

  1. provision of Services for Users
  2. quality improvement in Services for Users
  3. consideration of new services and similar
  4. provision to research institutes for investigation, research and analysis


The Company shall handle Personal Data appropriately in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. For appropriate handling of such, the Company shall abide by its internal regulations and organization and ensure the safety of information systems used for the processing of Personal Data. In cases where Personal Information is entrusted to any third party the Company shall appoint the party who takes safety management measures as required by the Company standard and is qualified to meet the Company's criteria.

Protection of Personal Information on websites linked to the Company's website

The Company shall not be responsible for the handling of Personal Information on websites of companies or individuals linked to via the Company's website. Users should check the personal information protection policies of such parties under their own responsibility.

Requests regarding notification of purposes of usage, disclosure, correction or suspension of usage of Personal Information

The Company shall respond to Users' requests regarding the following matters in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan:

  1. notification of purpose of usage
  2. disclosure of Personal Information held by the Company allowing identification of the relevant individual
  3. correction, addition or deletion of Personal Information held by the Company allowing identification of the relevant individual
  4. discontinuation of usage or erasure of Personal Information, or provision of Personal Information to any third party

Privacy Policy revision

The Company may revise the Privacy Policy to protect Users' personal information or to implement changes as required by related laws and regulations. The Company shall promptly inform Users of such changes via the Website or any other website operated by the Company.

Inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy

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