What is Cloud Service?

This is the service you can keep all of your sleep log on the dedicated server safely by signing up for this service on the app. By logging in the service on the website (jukusui.com) using with the signed account, you can see all of your sleep logs stored in the server.

Are there any fees to use Cloud Service?

No, this Cloud Service is totally free.

Synchronize the data with the server

Your sleep logs will be automatically stored in the server after logging in the service. There is no need for you to back up your data. You can edit the data both on your smartphone (app) and on your computer (jukusui.com). Once you change the data, the data will be synced with the data on the server automatically.
Note: On starting this service, the existing backup/restore function is not available.

Transfer the data when you change your device

When you change your device, such as Android OS -> iOS or iOS -> Android OS, you can transfer the data from your old device to the new one. By logging in the service on the new device using with the signed account you created on the old device, the data on the server will be transfer to the smartphone automatically.


You can write a memo on your sleep logs shown on jukusui.com. It will help you to write down what you did before going to bed, what you did to improve your sleep quality, what you did in the daytime etc.

Sleep Diary

Sleep Diary is a function for those who go to see a doctor for sleep disorders. You can output your sleep log for two weeks in PDF of A4 size. You can add your comments to each log. This sleep diary is available on our website “jukusui.com”.


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