Data You Can Transfer to a New Device

By signing up for our cloud service, you can back up the data on the dedicated server safely. When you change your device, you can transfer the data from your old device to the new one. However, please note that there are data you cannot transfer to the new device.
Transferable and non-transferable data are as follows:

Data You Can Transfer

Sleep and Snoring Logs

All of the following logs stored in the app will be transferred, regardless of the date you signed up for our cloud service. Your daily logs will be automatically transferred on the server when you stop logging your sleep.

  • Sleep Log: All sleep logs
  • Snoring Log: All snoring logs except recorded data (the recorded data added in Favorites will be transferred).

App Settings

Your settings, such as Alarm settings and General settings, will be transferred. However, settings that affect operation when the device is changed cannot be transferred.

Data You Can’t Transfer

Alarm Sounds and Lull Sounds

Alarm sounds and Lull Sounds cannot be transferred. Accordingly, you need to download these sounds again when you changed your device.
Please note that even if you copy these sounds on your new device, JUKUSUI could not recognize the copied sounds.

Purchase History

Our cloud service account doesn't manage your purchase history. To see or manage your purchase history, you need your Apple ID or Google Account. If you want to use the sounds when you purchased on your old device, you need to keep using your Apple ID or Google Account when you used on your old device. As long as you keep using your Apple ID or Google account, you can download the sounds on your new device without recharging.

Tip: How to check your purchase history

There is [Restore Purchases] or [Check the latest billing status] at the bottom of “Support” screen. If you cannot re-download the purchased sounds, even though you are continue using the Apple ID or Google Account you got on your old device, tap [Restore Purchases] or [Check the latest billing status].

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