How to Check MY DATA

We call user’s log data saved in our cloud service as “MY DATA”. By logging in to the service on the website ( using with the signed account, you can check your own “MY DATA” from various perspectives. Here’s how to log in to

Log in to the service on the web browser

Access to on the web browser such as personal computers or tablet computers and log in with JUKUSUI ID and password (or with your existing account) you set in the app. Here are web browsers we checked:

Windows Microsoft Edge・Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)・Google Chrome (Latest version)
mac OS Apple Safari・Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)・Google Chrome (Latest version)
iOS Apple Safari (Default Browser)
Android OS Android Default Web Browser・Google Chrome (Latest version)

After logging in, you will see:


Analysis shows your daily log for a month detected by the app. It will help you to analyze your sleep with a correlation between sleep and snoring and check your sleep or snoring tendency. There are “TOP”, “Trends”, “Feeling”, “Rhythm” and “Evaluation” tabs on the screen. You can change these tabs by tapping on them.


TOP provides you with the average data of sleep and snoring.
Your daily logs will be shown on the list-view style. When you click on the bar of the Sleep/Snoring graph, the record screen will be shown.
By clicking "Display Items" in the top right of the screen, you can change the 8 items shown on the right side of the calendar. This switching feature is available in Premium version.


You can check your changing tendency from the graph. There are 12 types of items, which can be changed from "Display Items" at the top right of the screen. You can select 3 items at the same time. In addition, the period of the graph can be selected from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months on "Period" at the top right of the screen. These features are available in Premium version.


You can view various average data based on the mood when you wake up entered in the app. It is useful to know your sleep tendency when you feel good or bad. You can change the display items of average data by clicking "Display Items" at the top right of the screen. This feature is available in Premium version.


You can check the distribution, average and time range of wake-up time and bedtime. By moving the grid to the left, you can see how the distribution, average, and time range of wake-up time and bedtime have changed from the beginning of the month to the present.


This shows your sleep evaluation. You can check the differences of your sleep evaluation between this month and last month.


This shows your sleep log or snoring log on the screen. You can edit them on this screen. The recorded data you added to “Favorites” can be played and downloaded from the link at the bottom left of this screen. This “Favorites” feature is available in Premium version.

Sleep Diary

This shows your sleep diary (2 weeks) in appropriate format for printing.

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