16 Mar. 2020
Android OSFeatureRelease


Thank you so much for waiting us!

We have released JUKUSUI app (ver. 4) for Android on Google Play. We finally released JUKUSUI ver. 4 for both platforms; App Store and Google Play, and then we are going to add articles of new JUKUSUI app to our blog on


✔ Improved Basic Operation Interface

The article has the same contents as the iOS version, but we will explain the main changes in Ver.4.
The positions of tabs are changed to the bottom of the screen. Just like before, you can start logging your sleep by tapping the bedtime button. However, when you would like to turn off the alarm (stop logging), you need to “swipe to stop”. For snooze, as before, it needs to tap to stop. We expect that it would prevent the mistakes in the operation of snooze and stop the alarm.

✔ Renewed Sleep Log

From this version, one of our focus points is “Sleep Efficiency”. Sleep efficiency is the ratio of the total time spent asleep (total sleep time) in a night compared to the total amount of time spent in bed. It is a good indicator of how good you slept. By tapping the sleep log screen, you can find your detailed sleep results with the sophisticated style.

Changing with our focus, the definitions of terms was changed a bit.
On the previous version, we call the term between bedtime and wake-up time as “hours of sleep”. From version 4, we call term between bedtime and wake-up time as “hours in bed”.

✔ Snore Tracking

“Snoring” feature is added to the sleep log. You can track and record your snoring during your sleep by using a device microphone. Snoring rate (the ratio of the total time you snored in a night compared to the total amount of time spent asleep in bed), the epic and average volume of snoring, etc. provide you to find out your snoring styles and cycles in various points.

✔ Calendar Screen

There are 2 kinds of logs you can track on JUKUSUI; Sleep and Snoring. So, the calendar screen can now display two types; “Sleep” and “Snoring”.

✔ Monthly Report

We provide the monthly report on our website “”.
Our new focus points and the new feature will offer you to analyze your sleep in more various and valuable points. For example, the pictures below show one of our focus points “Trending”.
This website can be opened directly from the app, but it will be provided in a large screen layout suitable for personal computers or tablet computers.

✔ Edit Alarm List

We added the new feature to an alarm list. You can add/delete the alarm and reorder the alarms in the alarm list here.

✔ JUKUSUI Premium

We started offering “JUKUSUI Premium” subscriptions. If you subscribe it, you can use all features provided by JUKUSUI. We prepare for monthly (480JPY per month) and annual (3,600JPY for a full year) subscriptions. You can receive a 30 days free trial. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your auto-renewal before the end of your free trial, you will not be charged.
Here are the benefits for Premium subscribers:

  1. Unlock all features for snoring
  2. Store your snoring data in Cloud Service
  3. No Advertisements
  4. Unlimited use of lull sounds and alarm sounds
  5. Unlock MY DATA options offered by

✔ User Support

You can contact us by email or by chat form inside JUKUSUI app. We’re there for you.

Note 1: Removed Features

The following features were deleted. These cannot be used anymore.

  1. Set the time until the sensor activates on Common Settings
  2. Change the bedtime and wakeup time in the log data
  3. Get Free Sounds by posting your comments to Facebook

Note 2: JUKUSUI for Android except in Google Play

The major update of JUKUSUI for Android is only for the app in Google Play. For JUKUSUI for Android in other app stores, it is now under consideration.

Trying to update JUKUSUI?

You can get the latest JUKUSUI app by accessing to the following link.


We hope you enjoy using JUKUSUI and improve your sleep! Thanks!