24 Nov. 2020

The Deep Relationship between Better Sleep and Hearing

Sleep plays a vital role in your mental and physical wellbeing.
Do you sleep well recently?

Creating a good sleep environment

Some people may have reviewed their lifestyle and a sleeping environment, especially this year as you spend more time at home.
The sleep environment is very important to improve your sleep quality.
To create an ideal sleep environment, you need to pay attention to various issues such as lighting, room temperature, or bedding, but what about sounds?

The sounds you usually listen to without thinking may actually prevent you from getting a good night’s rest.

Your partner’s snoring

Noise from traffic or neighbors

Air conditioners & air purifiers

We can close our eyes, but we can’t close our ears. So unless we consciously cover our ears, they are exposed to sound all the time. During sleep, when snoring or other noises occur, our ears pick up the noise, send a signal to the brain and the brain’s auditory center is active.
Even if you think you slept well, you may not.

However, there are some things you can’t control, such as housing conditions or your partner’s snoring.
Therefore, we recommend sleeping with earplugs to get the best quality rest.
The earplugs reduced noises and the brain doesn’t have to process unnecessary information.

Suitable levels of noise for good night’s sleep

Which levels of noise are suitable for good night’s sleep?
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an ideal sleep environment is 30dB or less, with an acceptable limit of 45dB or less.
There are the levels of noise in our everyday life:

During the summer or the winter, many people sleep with the air conditioner on all night.
In fact, the air conditioner noises can be 10dB higher than the acceptable limit for an ideal sleep environment.
The everyday sounds that you usually don’t pay attention to may actually have a significant impact on your sleep quality.

The noise-blocking effect – of the earplugs

In such cases, SILENCIA®’s earplugs are effective.
When you sleep with the SILENCIA® Regular earplugs, the noise level in the room can be reduced from 55dB to 23dB and the ideal environment for better sleep will be created.

Use earplugs in our daily lives and get better sleep to improve your mental and physical health!

SILENCIA®’s earplugs for the ideal bedtime:

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