8 Feb. 2021
Android OSiOS

New Judgment Algorithm – Using AI to Detect Snores

“Snore Detection” based on AI Voice Recognition

On iOS Ver. 4.5.0 released yesterday and Android Ver. 4.4.0 released today, you can select “AI” as a snore detection method. By adding machine learning (AI) used for voice recognition, we improved the accuracy of detecting snoring sounds.

“AI” will automatically be selected

The “Judgment Algorithm” option has been added to General settings in the latest version of the app.

AI … Machine learning (AI) judges whether the voice being recorded is “snoring” or not (new feature).
Volume … When a certain volume of sound continue a certain amount of time, the app judges this is your snoring. (existing feature).

Supported Devices

The AI judgment is available on the following devices:
iOS: iOS 12 or higher (supported Core ML 2)
Android: Android 4.4 or higher

“AI” will automatically be selected to detect your snoring sound when you have the supported device. “Volume” will be selected when you use iPhone iOS 12 or less.

Reduce incorrect judgment

The method to judge snoring sounds was “volume”. This method incorrectly identified as “snoring sounds” that were not actually “snoring” such as outdoor noises (driving and construction noises) and indoor noises (home appliances and clothing rustling noises). To reduce this erroneous judgment, we added “AI judgement”.
When “AI” is enabled, the “hours of snoring” and the “snoring rate” shown in the app will be more accurate.

However, the AI accuracy is not equal to that of human hearing. Although it reduces incorrect judgment, there is a high possibility that sounds similar to “snoring” will be judged as “snoring”. On the other hand, there is a possibility that sounds that have been correctly identified as “snoring sound” may no longer be identified as “snoring”.

We will review the AI accuracy, but if you have any inconvenience when you set “Judgment algorithm” to “AI” (or if you are using the app for recording other noises), please change “Judgment Algorithm” to “Volume”.