11 Aug. 2021
Android OS

Automatic Resume in Sleep Log – Android

Support your sleep log creation

We released the new feature “Automatic Resume in Sleep Log” on JUKUSUI version 4.5.6.

The sleep logging will be stopped when the app force closed by the OS while logging your sleep. This is one of the reasons that the sleep log was not created. Since the forced shutdown cannot be prevented, we added the feature that automatically resumes the stopped sleep log. We hope this auto-resume feature will improve logging your sleep.

Even if the smartphone is restarted

The app will resume sleep logging, even when the smartphone is restarted while logging your sleep due to an OS update. However, on the locked device, due to the OS specifications, recording your snoring will be disabled after the app resumed sleep logging. After resuming it, the app records your snoring sound as silent.

When the app force closed by the OS, or when the unlocked smartphone restarts, sleep logging will be resumed as usual.

Update Now

There’re no special settings related to this auto-resume feature. Just update the app to Ver. 4.5.0 to enable it.
This is an important update for JUKUSUI Android Google Play version, so please update before bedtime. Thank you!