FAQ for iOS

My alarm does not sound.

If the alarm does not sound, please see here.

My alarm goes off earlier than my set time.

When Smart Alarm is enabled, the alarm may sound earlier than the time you set. If you want the alarm to sound on time, turn off Smart Alarm in Alarm settings.

How to transfer my recorded data to a new phone?

You can back up and restore your data by signing up for the JUKUSUI Cloud Service. This is a free service. Check here for more details.

I can't set my iPod sound as alarm sound or Lull Sound (or I added my iPod sound but it does not sound).

Make sure you allowed JUKUSUI to access the media library on your device (iOS 10 or later). Turning on the media library can download your iPod sounds. You can do so by going to the “Settings” app on your device > “JUKUSUI”.

What should I do when I get an “Error loading the sound data” message?

Sound data has not been downloaded:

The “Error loading the sound data” message is shown when the sound data has not downloaded even if the status of the sounds is “purchased” in iPod. Make sure you downloaded the sounds you want to use in JUKUSUI on Music app for iPhone.
By the way, even if you set the iPod sound to the alarm sound or Lull Sound and then downloaded it, the error message is not updated. Delete the alarm sound that has already been set first (you can delete it by swiping left on the sound title) and then select the downloaded iPod sound again.

Sounds not supported by JUKUSUI:

The error message “Error loading the sound data” will be shown for the sounds which cannot be played in JUKUSUI due to Digital Rights Management (DRM). Also, this error message will be shown for music on the subscription service such as Apple Music.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you very much for your understanding.

My sleep log was not created.

There is a possibility that JUKUSUI would be force closed if you start up other apps after tapping on the Bedtime button. Please refrain from using other apps after tapping the Bedtime button.

What should I do when I get a sensor error message?

When the sensors on your iPhone are not working properly, the error message will be shown after the alarm stops.
Please try restarting your phone first because the issue would be solved by doing this in many cases. If the issue was not solved after restarting your phone, the sensors may be broken. Please contact to Apple or the shop you bought the phone.

My snoring is not recorded (recorded silence).

If you are snoring but your snoring sound is not recorded (recorded silence), please check the following:

  1. You may not grant the Microphone access. Please confirm whether the Microphone is activated or not. You can do so by going to the “Settings” app on iPhone > “JUKUSUI”.
  2. The phone stops recording your snoring while the Lull Sound is playing because the microphone is turned off. The recording will automatically resume after the Lull Sound has stopped. If you want to record your snoring after the Lull Sound has been playing, follow the basic operation. The logging will not resume if you close JUKUSUI or turn on the sleep mode on iPhone after starting logging your sleep.
  3. If the free storage space is less than 200 MB, the recorded data will not be saved. You can check the storage space from the bottom line of Snoring settings in General settings.
  4. Your current Judgment algorithm may not be able to detect your snoring. If you choose “AI”, please try switching to “Volume”. You can confirm it from Judgment algorithm menu of Snoring settings in General settings.
  5. The recording function may not be working properly if you use other apps needed the microphone. Please refrain from using other apps while logging your sleep.
  6. Please restart your phone. If this is a temporary operating system error with your device, the issue can be resolved by simply restarting your device.
  7. If the issue is still not resolved, the microphone on the device may be broken. Please contact to Apple or the shop you bought the phone.

Other app's notifications do not sound.

Please note that the other app's notifications will not sound while logging your sleep.

I want to stop using JUKUSUI.

Tap here to learn how to stop using JUKUSUI.

I want to cancel my Premium subscription.

To cancel your premium subscription, please go to Apple ID (iPhone). Tap here to learn how to cancel your subscription.

I want to delete my Cloud Service account.

If you want to delete your JUKUSUI account for Cloud Service, read this page and delete your account.

Why my smartphone gets so hot while I'm logging my sleep?

After tapping the bedtime button, place your iPhone “face down” next to your pillow. The backlight turns off automatically, it reduce battery usage and prevent your device from getting hot.
Also, placing the phone under your pillow would be easy to get your phone hot. Place the phone next to your pillow.

What is the red line shown on the sensor graph?

The red lines on the sensor graph indicates the range of your awakenings the app detected. The criteria for judging awakenings is based on an algorithm designed by Dr. Roger J.Cole at California University and supervised by Prof. Sunao Uchida at Waseda University.

I want a background operation feature.

JUKUSUI runs in the background from when you tap the bedtime button until you stop logging. It is possible for you to close the app, press the home button to sleep the device or open other apps while logging your sleep. However, there is a possibility of a force shutdown due to a memory consumption (The alarm will not go off when the app is forced to close). As we cannot guarantee the background operation will be continued to run, please place the screen face down on your bedside table and go to bed after tapping the bedtime button (Please refrain from using other apps, closing JUKUSUI and putting the device to sleep).

Also, when you use JUKUSUI without tapping the Bedtime button, you need to keep opening the app because the background operation will not work. This is an OS specification. Thanks for your understanding.

I set a couple of alarms to go off every 30 minutes, but the alarm goes off only one time.

JUKUSUI works in the background while logging your sleep. However, after you stopped the alarm (after you stopped logging), the background operation does not work.
If you would like to ring the alarm without the background operation, you need to show JUKUSUI on the screen. Accordingly, if you set a couple of consecutive alarms, please do not push the home button or the power button on the device after you stopped the first alarm.

How do I find sound gifted to me?

You will receive one paid sound for free every day for seven days starting from the day you used the app if you tap “Bedtime” and log your sleep everyday.

On the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th day, you will receive one “alarm sound” (four alarm sounds in total).

  • Someday in morning
  • Refreshing
  • Bossa
  • Morning in forest

You can download the alarm sound from Download Library menu of Alarm sounds from alarm list on the main screen. You can find “Gift!” under the gifted sound.

On the 2nd, 4th and 6th day, you will receive one Lull Sound (three lull sounds in total).

  • Waves to relax
  • Urban rain
  • Rumbling

You can download the Lull Sound from Lull Sound menu of Lull Sound settings in Menu. You can find “Gift!” under the gifted sound.

I want to share my log data with the Health app.

By connecting this app to the Health app, you can share your sleep data (hours in bed and hours of sleep) with the Health app. When you turn on the “Connect to Health app” menu of “General settings” in Menu, your sleep data will automatically be saved in the Health app (The sleep data before turning on the connection will not be uploaded in the Health app).

I want to know what type of permissions needed.

See here for the permissions required and why they are needed.