28 Apr. 2022

Bedtime Reminder : Remind you when its bedtime or Give you a few minutes of notice – iOS

JUKUSUI version 4.7.0 (iOS) : “Bedtime Reminder” has been added.

What is Bedtime Reminder?

The app will give you a few minutes of notice for your bedtime.
It is desirable that people need a regular bedtime and wake-up rhythm (sleep rhythm). Waking up with an alarm will generally make people wake up more regular. How about getting in bed? If you’re absorbed in your hobby or playing with your phone before going to bed, you’ll often miss the time to go to bed.

The “Bedtime Reminder” reminds you when you should be heading to bed, or give you a few minutes of notice. Since the amount of time needed to get ready for bed is different for everyone, you can customize how many minutes before bedtime you want to be reminded. We hope you will make use of the bedtime reminder and try to go to bed on a regular basis.

How to Set a Bedtime Reminder

In Ver. 4.7.0 (iOS), “Bedtime Reminder” has been added to General settings. You can change the settings for the Bedtime Reminder there.


You can set the notification to turn on or off.


You can set the time to go to bed.

Get ready for bed

You can set the length of time to get ready for bed (0-60 minutes). The notification will be sent 0-60 minutes before bedtime.

For your peaceful sleep…

If you “get into hobbies before bedtime” or “play with your phone before bedtime”, you need to be careful. These actions may cause your brain to become dull because you stay up even though it is the time you should be sleeping.
If you are wide awake just before bedtime, you will be in a vicious cycle such as: “it takes longer to fall asleep, but I can’t change my wake-up time. So I will not get enough sleep”. You should try to avoid stimulants as much as possible before bedtime and try reading a book, listening to relaxing music, or drinking decaf herbal tea. These will help you fall asleep smoothly.

By default, the reminder is sent 30 minutes before bedtime. It is recommended to take a little more time and add some relaxation time to your bedtime routine.