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Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide for JUKUSUI


By tapping the buttons at the bottom of the main screen, you can change the screen to:

1: Alarm

2: Record

3: Statistics

4: Settings


This is a subscription service for JUKUSUI. By purchasing this service, you can use all premium features for free.

JUKUSUI Premium Subscriptions

How to Cancel JUKUSUI Premium

Cloud Service

This a free service that stores your Sleep Log on a dedicated server. You can view the Log on desktop Cloud Service.

What is Cloud Service?

How to Sign Up for the Could Service

How to Transfer the Data to a New Device

Data You Can Transfer to a New Device

How to Edit or Delete Account Information

How to Check MY DATA

Reference Manual


Alarm Sound - iOS

What to do if my alarm doesn't go off?

What is "Smart Alarm" ?

Play Alarm sounds through speaker

How to Wake-up Immediately with Wake-up Task

Quick alarm : Take a nap and wake up feeling refreshed

Sleep Log

Sensor Sensitivity : What it is, how it works, and how to set it up?

How to check the sensors on your smartphone

Exclude data that doesn't need to be added up

Sleep Statistics - Why don't you check your sleep trends?

Sleep Analysis - What is Sleep Debt?

Lull Sounds

Lull Sounds - iOS

How to set an iPod sound as Lull Sound

Learn Your Sleep Style with Web Services

Do you have Social jetlag? - Learn what it is

Having trouble?

Frequently Asked Questions - iOS

Contact Support

Simple Tips to Get Better Sleep

Bedtime Reminder : Give you a few minutes of notice

Use Shortcuts to make JUKUSUI more useful



How to Stop JUKUSUI